Product Information

General Information

We process a large volume of stock on a daily basis and always aim to accurately list the condition & quality of each product. We photograph any major faults & flaws in our products as well as mentioning them in the 'Condition' section of each product.

All of our products are vintage / pre-worn products, all garments are refreshed and pressed before being listed online however due to the fact they have previously been used we recommend a thorough clean before their first usage to remove any allergens or possible irritants. 

Condition & Quality

In the description of each vintage item we list the condition of the product along with any obvious faults or flaws. Here is a quick guide on how you should interpret the description.

As new As it sounds, product has no markings on whatsoever and if placed next to a brand new product you would not be able to tell the difference.
Very good Product has minimal signs of wear, most likely has been worn once and has sat in the back of a closet since.
Good vintage condition Product may show some minor signs of wear, ie pulls, bobbles or very slight fading.
Average vintage condition Product shows signs of its age, ie fading, clear bobbling, looser cuffs etc.
Fair vintage condition Product is clearly a pre-owned vintage item and shows some / all of the above & some obvious faults however still has wear left in it.
Poor condition  Product is on its last legs and shouldn't be expected to last very long.